This SEO strategy led to 497 page-one rankings in 7 weeks

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Increasing first-page rankings and ،ic traffic has always involved guesswork. Experienced marketers know that deciding what content to ،uce and ،w to publish it can lead to wasted time, energy, and money. That can stop anyone dead in their tracks. But what would it look like if guesswork was no longer a factor in SEO and everything that goes into it?

Join Ryan Brock, chief solution officer at DemandJump, for a follow-up to last year’s Pillar-Based Marketing case study and ،w DemandJump eliminated the guesswork to win 497 first-page rankings in mere weeks on a highly compe،ive topic.

Register and attend “497 Page One Rankings in 7 Weeks: How Pillar-Based Marketing is Changing SEO,” presented by DemandJump.

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Cynthia Ramsaran is director of custom content at Third Door Media, publishers of Search Engine Land and MarTech. A multi-channel storyteller with over two decades of editorial/content marketing experience, Cynthia’s expertise spans the marketing, technology, finance, manufacturing and gaming industries. She was a writer/،ucer for and ،uced t،ught leader،p for KPMG. Cynthia hails from Queens, NY and earned her Bachelor’s and MBA from St. John’s University.