TikTok quietly adds Wikipedia snippets to its search results

TikTok now serves Wikipedia snippets in some of its search results.

This is the first time that the platform has offered its users results from the wider web as historically, it exclusively featured its own content in SERPs.

The Wikipedia snippets were first noticed in TikTok SERPs by The Verge, as s،wn here:

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A spokesperson for the social media app confirmed that the new feature has been live for several months, ،wever, a formal announcement was never made.

Why we care. While Google has previously stated that it sees TikTok as a search compe،or, the social media app is clearly intensifying its efforts in the search arena.

A recent survey revealed the majority of Gen Z women are favoring TikTok over Google for their search needs. This ،ft in user preference raises questions about whether Google might find itself facing a more concerning compe،or in the search ،e than previously anti،ted.

How it works. Wikipedia snippets are served on some accounts for select SERPs for”

The snippets been s،ted wedged between relevant videos as users have been scrolling down through in-app search results pages.

By clicking on the links that appear at the bottom of the snippet, users are taken to different sections of the Wikipedia entry.

Deep dive. Read TikTok’s Search and Discover guidelines for more information.

منبع: https://searchengineland.com/tiktok-wikipedia-snippets-search-results-431962

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